Got some hectic times ahead of us

It’s been a long week. And by week, I mean two days, since it’s only Wednesday. But the longest two days of my life they have been. I feel as though the rest of the week will be just as anxiety inducing as these past few days, and I know I won’t have the TLC to write an article or ponder on my life choices. Still, I wanted to write a life update because I want writing this blog to become a habit, even if all I write is wow, I love this thing. But, that’s not all I’ll be writing today.

Monday started out as any other Monday, waking up home alone, checking my dragon park, doing some research, eating a breakfast torta. In retrospect, I should’ve checked what assignments I had to do this week so I could’ve at least had them in my mental checklist. But I didn’t and here we are! That afternoon, my dog tried jumping onto my parents’ bed, which is at least three feet off the ground, and she fell on her back, the poor baby. Now, usually when this happens she’ll just get up, wag her little tail and try again. This time, however, she stayed on her back and froze there for a second, then got up, tail not wagging, and just looked at me. I didn’t think much of it, since she does fall a lot, so I picked her up and put her on the bed myself. I kind of just let it go until later that night when she wouldn’t move off her side and yelped when I tried to pick her up. We let her rest that night, but the next day she had a fever and I was freaking out.

I texted my mom and she said to give her a bath, which I did, and when my mom got home we took her to the vet. Now, I thought she had dislocated her equivalent of a shoulder and that she would need x-rays and a bunch of other shit. Fortunately, that was not the case. She had some pains in her shoulder, the vet said, and an infection in her teeth and her nails? claws? were too long. He clipped her claws, said he’d need to clean her teeth as soon as possible, and gave us a four-day antibiotic/pain relief treatment for her. In the end, he only charged us 250 pesos, which is equivalent to roughly $15. We got home, and I knocked out. Slept for 2 hours, I did. My mom was supposed to go to her Conversational English class too, but she didn’t because we were both just so tired and sunned out. I hardly slept that night, but I woke up at 8 so I guess I’m going back to not needing as much sleep, which is good since my fall semester starts in a month.

Anyway, I woke up today and oh shit, I still have two weeks of online classes left. I fed my pup her medicine, fed me a quesadilla, and scrambled onto my computer to learn that I have an assignment due Saturday, a quiz on Friday, and a final presentation due next Wednesday. Which, really isn’t much now that I think about it. It’s about the same amount of work as usual for this semester. What worries me most is the assignment due for Saturday. It’s a 5-6 page essay on the Stephen King film, “The Shining.” Firstly, I’m not too excited to watch it, and secondly it’s a long ass essay compared to other film journal, which were 750 words, which is a page. Not to mention I’m going to Wet n’ Wild Water World, against my will I might add. How is it against your will, WELL I don’t go out much, at all and so I’m being forced to have fun by my mother. I’m going Friday, so let’s hope I finish my quiz before they come pick me up and take me to Styx to lead me into a watery hell. Let’s hope I don’t fucking drown since I can’t swim, lol.

So what I’m saying is, I’ve been busy and I will be busy. Next week, expect an entire entry about swimsuit culture. Just, what the fuck are bikinis, and some body shaming discussions for at least 500 words! I’m not saying that’s all I’ll post, but it might be all I post. Oh! Actually, I wanted to talk about Matt Groening’s new Netflix cartoon so expect that sometime in the future too. Maybe next week, or maybe not. xoxo


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