Who am I? Why am I here?

Fire Opal is a stone of hope. In times of turmoil, injustice or mistreatment, it can support and aid in change and progress. Fire Opal is a protector against danger, awakening the inner fire and enhancing personal growth.

See, originally, I was planning on naming my blog Fire Opal but alas, the domain was taken even though it has been inactive since its inception in 2007. The domain for Water Opal, a stone which teaches that the body is merely a vessel for the soul, was also taken by another completely EMPTY page. My third choice, Ice Opal, a stone that I haven’t found much lore on, was luckily available.

I originally chose Fire Opal because I hopped on that Steven Universe train and wanted my pseudonym to be a gemstone. I looked through lists of stones but I didn’t quite identify with any of them, until I googled, “gemstones found in Mexico,” because I, too, can sometimes be found in Mexico. One of the first results, if not the first, was Mexican Fire Opal, and I was instantly captivated by the name, it felt regal and commanding. I quickly made a color palette based on the stone and when I registered for my WordPress blog, I was stricken by the domains’ nonavailability. Not only did I have to come up with a new name on the spot, I also had to figure out a new color palette. Nonetheless, I rose above these inconveniences and started my blog, with the salty tag line Cooler than Fire.

I’ll mostly be keeping this as a personal blog cataloging my adventures as a higher education student, though eventually, I’d like to make it more content oriented. As you may not know, since I haven’t really told anyone, I’ve changed my major once again, but this time to communications. One of my favorite things about it is how much it sounds like “journalism.” It’s not just journalism. Communications majors range between broadcast (such as radio and television production), advertising, public relations, social media management, politics and political rhetoric, and language interpretation; literally any field that involves the idea of communicating ideas is the field of communications. So, with that out in the open, I’m actually concentrating in cinematic production. Yeah, I’m goin’ to make movies! Well actually, I want to work for Cartoon Network… possibly as a storyboard artist… and hopefully, eventually make my own cartoon. For now, I’m merely attending community college, in the future I’m hoping to transfer somewhere bigger, and better for my artistry. I’m hoping CalArts, but realistically I’m just hoping anywhere that gets me out of this town and closer to Cartoon Network Studios. A few days ago, I had the best idea for a story. I won’t say much about it because I feel it has a huge shock factor, but I really want to develop and share this story. So when I say “content oriented” I mean my attempts at writing and possibly drawing.

For now, this’ll be a personal blog, where I develop my writing skills. I also want to use it to say the things that have to be said, like the most pressing matter of the day, net neutrality. If I am going to work on my voice, I may as well use it to speak out, and I have many things to speak out about.

– Opal

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